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The Internet is a vast network that links millions of computers at many sites all over the world. It provides the capability for individuals to communicate, exchange ideas and share information with others and to access information and resources throughout the world and contribute to the global community.

The Internet provides three main benefits in education:

  • Improved access to information to support learning.
  • Opportunities for interaction and collaboration involving students and teachers at different locations.
  • Publication and information sharing on a global scale.


Internet access is available to all students and teachers at Bunbury Primary School. The school has Internet connections in each classroom, library, staffroom, music and art room. Access to the Internet by students will be supervised by teachers and is used for educational purposes only. Children will mainly access Book Marked sites.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that students at Bunbury Primary School use the Internet in an appropriate manner.

Each child in the family will need to sign an individual contract with parent or guardians

Student Guidelines

Students will:

  • follow teacher instructions and be supervised at all times when using the Internet.
  • take care with the computer equipment.
  • behave in a mature, responsible and courteous manner when using the internet.
  • work cooperatively and conscientiously on the Internet.
  • only access appropriate information on the Internet to help them with their schoolwork. Students will make no attempt to access inappropriate material.
  • only use first names on World Wide Web. (They will not include surnames and addresses or give out personal details.)
  • respect the privacy of teachers and fellow students by not giving out their personal details or reading their E-mail.
  • ensure that any E-mail they send does not contain inappropriate content.
  • use COMMON SENSE online.
  • remember that it is a privilege, not a right to be using the Internet.
  • not access Chat Rooms
  • not download any files from the Internet.


Issues and Responsibilities

Making Internet access available to students carries with it the potential for some students to inadvertently encounter information that may not be appropriate for them. It is impossible to control all materials on the net and mistakes sometimes happen. Information on the Internet appears, disappears and changes, and it is not always possible to predict or control what students may locate.

It is our goal at Bunbury Primary School to allow teachers and students access information on the Internet, but at the same time protect the rights of our students and limit the risk of exposure to questionable material. The following Code of Conduct for Internet Use is essential to minimize risks to students and staff.

The School will:

  • provide a copy of the school Internet Policy and Code of Conduct for Internet use to staff, parents and students.
  • require students and parents to sign an Internet Contract for student’s use of the Internet at school.
  • use the Internet to support and enhance student learning.
  • seek written parental/caregivers approval to use photographs, video footage or digital images of students if used outside the classroom environment. (This approval will remain in place during the student’s time at primary school unless the school is advised of a change.)
  • remind parents/caregivers annually that they have given written approval as above, and if circumstances change, they should inform the school in writing. A reminder will be in the school newsletter at the beginning of each year.

Download Online Code of Conduct

Online Consent and Acceptance Form
Online Consent and Acceptance Form