School Newsletter

The School Newsletter is an important means of communication between the school and parents. The newsletter is sent home via the Skoolbag App, by email or if you have requested a hard copy via your eldest child at the school on Thursday afternoon every three weeks. It is also available on this website. The dates of publication can be found on our Term Planner.

Additional bulletins are sent home, when necessary, between newsletters and contain items of major importance. It would be appreciated if you constantly check with your child to see if they have been given any school news items. This will enable us to keep you informed of school events and important information.

Our school newsletters also contain updates from the P & C and provide parents with information on community events and/or information from local sport clubs.

We would love to celebrate your child's achievements outside of school. Please contact the school via email or telephone to give us details (including a photo if you have one) and we will include it in our Newsletter.

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