Colgate Community Garden Challenge

Thu, 4 Jul 2019

Bunbury Primary School are currently taking part in the Colgate Community Garden Challenge. This challenge involves recycling all oral care waste to TerraCycle. The school also has a chance to win a recycled community garden for the school.

Last month we were the national number one school in Australia for recycling oral waste. To acknowledge our school effort, the school received a fun prize pack which included pencil cases made from recycled toothpaste tubes. We encourage our students and their families to keep being waste-warriors and recycling their oral waste by bringing it into school!

Visit the Terracycle's website to view our current school community standing on the National Terracycle leaderboard. To continue to support our school, you can cast your vote daily. This will add to our school's chance of winning the overall competition and winning a community garden.


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