About Our School


Bunbury Primary School our motto is Strive to Achieve. Our vision is to work together to enhance our whole school community ensuring that every child at our school reaches their potential. Our core values are: Responsibility, Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Self-discipline, Perseverance, Tolerance and Giving and Sharing. These elements are integrated into all aspects of our academic program and our approach to pastoral care and student well being.

Our expectations for behaviour are Be Responsible, Be Caring, Be Respectful, and Be Your Best. These expectations reflect our schools Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Approach.

Our school has a rich history of high performance and achievement in academics, social behaviour, pastoral care, visual arts, performing arts, sporting events and environmental and social sustainability.

Located two hours south of Perth, Bunbury Primary School is situated in the heart of Bunbury, in an area known as the 'Tree Street Area' and is located minutes from the Bunbury city centre. Bunbury Primary School opened in 1895 at what is currently known as the Paisley Centre. This was named after the first headmaster, Mr Thomas W. Paisley. The school moved to its present site and opened on 12th February 1962.

The three wings of the school each contain four classrooms and adjoin the service and administration block to form an 'E' shaped building. Our facilities include a Library Resource Centre, a Kindergarten classroom, a Pre-Primary centre, Art, Science and Music Rooms, new Administration, upgraded playground facilities and all classrooms, office and library are air-conditioned.

As an Independent Public School we work together with our school board to develop our 3 year Business Plan with set strategic goals and performance targets to work towards.