About Our School


At Bunbury Primary School our motto is Strive to Achieve. Our vision is to work together to enhance our school community ensuring that every student achieves their potential. Our core values are: Responsibility, Care, Respect and Achievement. These are integrated into all aspects of our social, emotional, physical and academic programs and reflected in our approach to pastoral care and student well-being. Bunbury PS has a strong sense of community and the school strives for excellence in teaching and individual student performance through its professional and dedicated staff, community volunteers and parents/carers.

The school is located approximately two hours south of Perth and is situated in the heart of Bunbury, minutes from the Bunbury city centre, in a local area known as the 'Tree Street Area'. Bunbury PS opened in 1895 at what is currently known as the Paisley Centre. This was named after the first headmaster, Mr Thomas W. Paisley. The school moved to its present site and opened on 12th February 1962.

Bunbury PS has an enrolment of approximately 450 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. The three wings of the school each contain four classrooms and adjoin the service and administration block to form an 'E' shaped building. The school has undergone a significant capital works programme that improved and extended the facilities for our students and community, which have strengthened and contributed to the high standards of education. Our facilities include a Library Resource Centre, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary Centres, Visual Art, Science and Music Rooms. Capital works were carried out to all classrooms, administration, library, pre-primary, visual arts/science room, music room and playground facilities

Our school has a rich history of high performance and achievement in academics, social and emotional behaviour, pastoral care, visual arts, performing arts, sporting events, environmental and social sustainability.

Our school expectations for behaviour are: Be Responsible, Be Caring, Be Respectful, and Be Your Best. These expectations reflect our school’s approach to providing students with a positive approach to learning and are supported by evidence based programs: Kagan Co-operative Learning Structures, Zones of Regulation, the Friendly Schools Plus Bully Prevention program, and the Positive Behaviour Support PBS) approach to behaviour management. Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learning strongly underpins Teaching and Learning. Visible Learning is supported by the following Learner Dispositions: self-motivation, risk taking, co-operation, perseverance, thoughtfulness, resilience and creativity all work to maximise student achievement. Bunbury PS is dedicated to maintaining positive and engaging learning environments.

As an Independent Public School we work together with our School Board to develop our 3 year Business Plan which sets strategic goals and work towards performance targets. In 2018, Bunbury PS became a WA Education Department (DoE) DigiTech Supporting Public schools in Western Australian with the implementation of the DoE ICT Vison Strategy. This has encouraged and enabled staff to innovate and share best practice across the DoE system.