Student Leadership

Developing leadership capacity and potential in our students is viewed as important and underpins many aspects of school programmes. Giving children opportunities to take responsibility and to lead others not only prepares them to play a role in the community but serves to develop positive attitudes and understandings.

The school provides a number of different opportunities for student leadership in Year 6, and also across different year levels.

Student Leaders

The student leaders' programme has been operating at Bunbury Primary School for a number of years. Student leaders are elected by staff and the students (from Years 4 and 5) at the end of each school year.

On a weekly basis, the Student Leaders meet with a designated staff member to discuss issues and make suggestions for improvements.

Student Leaders are instrumental in encouraging students and staff to participate in fund-raising events for such programmes as Bunbury's Got Talent, Jeans for Genes, and Red Nose Day. Other responsibilities include setting up for school assemblies, hosting music assemblies, School Values Programme, providing student perspectives on issues to the school administration and assisting staff and students across all year levels.

Faction Captains

Captains are elected for each of the school's four factions (Lions, Panthers, Dragons and Eagles) by the children and staff in those factions. The Captains play a role in helping the organising teacher manage the faction and in the selection of teams. They also play a role across the school in organising and arranging student sporting activities.

Student Monitors

Children in years 6 are also invited to apply for the various monitor positions as listed below (there are approximately 20 positions available) each year. The Associate Principals and the relevant staff short-list, interview and select the monitors for the year. The monitors have set duties and responsibilities and are given training in how to perform these duties. A list of the monitor leadership opportunities include:

  • ICT Technicians
  • Ground Rangers
  • Library Monitors
  • Art Monitors
  • Music Monitors
  • Runners Club Coaches
  • Flag Raisers
  • Recess & Lunch PBS Creative Play Class Monitors