Our school promotes a range of activities geared toward developing student awareness of sustainable practices that all members of the community can become involved with.

Our school is involved in many environmental and sustainable practices. Many of these programs are linked to programs within the community.

The school has a waste recycling program for paper products, ring pulls off aluminium cans, dental waste, mobile telephones, batteries and printer and copier cartridges.  Waste paper recycling targets classroom and office paper product waste and involves the whole of the school. The ring pulls are a class project and are utilised for various community projects.  Mobile phones are collected and sent to a recycling firm to raise money for the school. Printer and copier cartridges are collected at the office and recycled through Planet Ark. Batteries are sent to Battery World.

Specific projects


  • Water wise  
  • KIDS safety club
  • Great Australian Bird Watch
  • Sustainable futures
  • Solar Buddies
  • Worm Farm
  • Curtin University Research Project (science)
  • School Vegetable Garden (parents involved and education assistants)



Kids teaching Kids: This day has an environmental focus and sees children from different schools presenting environmental lessons and activities to children from other schools. Approximately 200 students from various local primary schools participate in the annual event. Students spent the day teaching other students about different sustainability issues including deforestation, the three bin system, waste reduction, water conservation and plastic recycling and reduction. Students are required to work in small teams to develop a 45 minute workshop that was interactive and informative. The students then teach their lessons to students from other schools. 

The School Newsletter provides regular water wise tips, energy saving tips, recycling tips, battery/reading glasses recycling…

Whole School Sustainability Student Acknowledgements

  • BEAR Award (Be Environmentally Active and Recycle)
  • Golden Bag Award
  • Celebration Wheel Spin

Whole School Special Day Celebrations

  • World Environment Day 
  • Waterwise
  • Earth Day