Visual Arts

The school has a purpose built Visual Arts classroom. Our Visual Arts program provides students from Year 1-6 with the opportunity to learn and apply their knowledge and skills in different mediums. Visual Arts lessons are of 1-hour duration. The Visual Arts specialist teacher, incorporates class themes and topics as a stimulus for the students.

Students explore and create using many different visual art forms: drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, ceramics, modelling, sculpture, 3D constructions. Art elements such as colour, texture, shape, form, space and pattern are all explored. Students have the opportunity to work individually and on group projects. There is also access to 3D printing technology.

The school Visual Arts program is valued by the school community and provides students with opportunities to participate in various competitions and special events. These include Therapy Focus Art Competitions, WA Country Health, Road Safety Competitions, Local Government Competitions, Aqwest Competitions, Year 6 Graduation... The school also has participated in the local Tree Street Art Safari.

Art work produced by students is featured in our newsletters, social media and displays around the school (front foyer, Library, Classrooms and outdoor areas and it also supports special occasions: ANZAC day, Year 6 Graduation, Children's Ward Art Project, NAIDOC Week, Remembrance Day, Celebration of Learning, Harmony Day.

Students in Year 6 are also provided with the opportunity to apply for the Visual Arts program VASP (extension) program at Bunbury Senior High school for Year 7.

The Visual Arts curriculum:

  • engages students while developing confidence, arousing curiosity and imagination.
  • enables students to apply their techniques, use materials, processes and technologies to create artworks using a design and inquiry process.
  • Provides opportunities for students to apply visual language including critical creative thinking skills, when creating and responding to artwork.
  • helps students to develop aesthetic, artistic and cultural appreciation of visual arts in past and contemporary contexts, both as artists and art critics.