At Bunbury Primary School we have a whole school approach to all learning. Our Mathematics program aims to develop students' numeracy skills in the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. There is a particular emphasis on developing students' understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills and the use of mathematical language.

Our teachers use strategies from programs such as First Steps Maths and Paul Swan to teach the Mathematics curriculum. We aim to increase our students' interest by providing Mathematics activities which are engaging and relevant to real-life contexts; and enable opportunities for different learning needs and abilities to be met.

A focus is on the development of students' basic facts and computational skills using explicit teaching strategies and providing opportunities to practice skills in engaging ways. Strategies include a wide variety of hands on equipment and games such as Numero.

Students have opportunities to participate in innovative STEM programs which link Mathematics, Science, Engineering and the Technologies Curriculum, enhancing students' 21st Century skills.

We use ipad Apps such as Numbers, Geoboard and online programs like Mathseeds (Year PP) and Mathletics (Years 1-6) to complement the school's delivery of the Western Australian Mathematics Curriculum. Students can access programs from school or home enabling them to reinforce their learning from school.

Additional support is provided to students through:

  • Numeracy support groups run on a rotational, termly basis.

To extend our students we encourage and provide opportunities for them to participate in school and community numeracy events such as:

  • A group of selected Years 4-6 students attend a lunchtime Numero Club
  • The Mathematical Association of Western Australia's (MAWA) annual Have Sum Fun maths competition. Students work in teams to solve challenging mathematical problems, competing against other schools in the region.
  • competitions such as the AFG Interschool Numero Challenge┬áprovide students with an opportunity to display their mental maths and problem solving skills in a series of challenges that are individual or team based.
  • the annual International Competition and Assessment (ICAS) for Mathematics conducted by University of NSW targets students' high-order thinking and problem solving skills.