Languages and Cultural Awareness

In Western Australian schools, students in Year 1-6 benefit from learning a second language. Learning a language in addition to English has been shown to stimulate brain development, improve memory and concentration, and enhance English and Numeracy skills. Learning a language also broadens a students' understanding and acceptance of difference and engenders respect for other cultures.

An Italian Language Program is offered at Bunbury Primary School. Australia is a culturally diverse society, and Italian is one of the major community languages. Both the English and Italian languages share Latin roots and their alphabets are phonemic; this makes learning Italian relatively easy for English speakers. By learning Italian, our students gain an insight into European culture and its rich heritage in arts and history.

Bunbury Primary School takes a whole school approach to learning Italian. In addition, to weekly lessons with a specialist Italian teacher, class teachers work closely with the Language Specialist to integrate Italian lessons into the classroom. The program is based on The Western Australian Curriculum for Languages, which has two Strands: Communicating and Understanding. Through listening to instructions, speaking, writing, singing and movement, students explore a range of topics which incorporate both linguist and cultural elements. Students are also exposed to the language and culture of Italy through online resources such as online videos, language Apps, songs and images.

Community activities, such as our Italian Pizza Day, writing to penpals in Italian schools, cooking and food tasting, enable our students to experience Italian traditions, food and culture.

Cultural Awareness

Students from Bunbury PS from K-6 also participate in special events which celebrate and promote cultural diversity. These include:

  • Languages Week
  • Harmony Day
  • Multicultural Day
  • NAIDOC Week
  • National Reconciliation Week